Whatisname’s KC takes it up the @%$ from Mrs. Hendricks

Do you know this, uh, man?

Do you recognize this hombre?

Maybe you missed it – I almost did…

Stricken Star columnist Mike Hendricks wife aka Roxie the Cockeyed Optimist took the nattering nimrod known as Tony to the woodshed earlier this week….

But instead of fighting blarney with blarney stones, Roxie took the high road to lay Tony low.

“It seems this blog was mentioned in something called Tony’s Kansas City,” she writes. “Note to female readers: Tony is one of these guys who must constantly prove his manhood by putting up centerfold-type shots with lots of cleavage. Well, I guess in fairness he may not be compensating. Maybe he just wants to be able to brag about the hits on this mess of a site and hope we won’t realize it’s just the same 10 teenagers in their moms’ basements clicking in over and over again.”

If that seems a little harsh, read on…

“Tony is a bitter and unhappy blogger,” Roxie continues. “He does not like the Star. Even so, as the names of those laid off began to dribble out, he played it all solemn. ‘Damn,’ he wrote, after announcing the first few names.

“Of course, he called (my husband)

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2 Responses to Whatisname’s KC takes it up the @%$ from Mrs. Hendricks

  1. Anonymous says:

    As always I agree with most criticism directed against my blog. However, I wish you would link Hearne. It’s the language of bloggers, embrace it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate myself for doing this to Mad Mike, but you gotta check out TKC’s response to this story on his Web site. Harsh, but hilarious

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