Missing in Action: Star Newsroom Massacre Memoir

David Hayes, come on down!

David Hayes, come on down!

It’s out there somewhere, it’s almost certain…

The standard issue Star news story, written usually by business reporter Dan Margolies re Monday’s newsroom bloodbath appears to yet have reared its head. In layoffs past, the Star generally ushers forth with a glossed-over “news” story version of the job cuts.

Sans the actual news people want to know – as in the names, ranks and faces of the dearly departing.

When other businesses shed themselves of high profile local players the Star names names. Does anybody recall reading my name, sports columnist Jeff Flanagan or cartoonist Lee Judge in the previous round of layoffs last fall? No way.

So it’s probably a safe bet that City Hall reporter DeAnn Smith or books editor John Mark Eberhart‘s name won’t grace the newspaper’s self penned business obit.

Hey but what about David Hayes?

It’s almost a slam dunk the Star will eventually get around to telling readers about Monday’s cuts. After all, it had a front page business item about the

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