Hearne on the Street: Out With the Carl, in With the Kick

Nick Lowery: in the Hall over Carl's cold, dead body?

Nick Lowery: in the Hall over Carl

It’s no secret former chief Chief Carl Peterson wasn’t exactly tight with newly-minted Chiefs hall of fame inductee Nick “the kick” Lowery. Had Peterson coughed up the cash for Sir Nick instead of betting the Super Bowl farm on the now-infamous Lin Elliott, he might be sporting a SB ring on his pinky finger instead of a used cigar wrapper.

OK, I’m kidding…

In any case Elliott missed on three critical field goal attempts in a 10-7 home field playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts in 1996, Lowery joined the Jets and switched the paint color of his front door of in Fairway from KC red to New York green.

The $64 million question: did Peterson’s departure have anything to do with the timing on Lowery’s induction?

“Definitely,” ventures sportaholic Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons fame. “Peterson never would have allowed Nick in the Chiefs hall of fame – he hated Nick…He made a huge mistake and rather than hating the mistake, he hated Lowery – it stuck in his craw. Do you think it’s a coincidence that 8 weeks after Carl gets fired (columnist insert, make that resigned) Lowery gets in?”

Lowery’s take on the subject? Surprise, surprise – he’s not talking. At least about that. He was pleased to have his father on hand for his induction ceremony.

“What a blessing to have my Dad there,” Nick emails. “He looked like the Godfather!”

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    Is Nick still getting married or what?

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