Peregrine on Baby Butts…Nuff said?

Peregrine on baby butts. What's not to like?

My mother-in-law, Judy, has a great sense of humor. She has been in retail forever so we always swap stories. Mark and I suggested family breakfast at the Bluebird Cafe because Walt Bodine and Gina Kaufman had seduced us with dreams of French Toast through the radio waves. While Mark and his father started a conversation that included politics and a sketchy plumber, Judy turned to me to gossip shop. Industry reps have a special language and after a few war stories regarding brides and false online reviews, Judy provided me with a hilarious term.

A bra rep came in and said to a customer,” Cleavage is sexy. Having a baby butt on top of your breasts is not.” The image of a baby butt being the reason for every poorly fitting bra pooching breasts into quarters has had me laughing all week.
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