Hearne On The Street: Too Short For Prime Time? No Way!

Tube ride, anyone?

Tube ride, anyone?

You got it – they fire you – you get it again. Or do you?

A funny thing happened on Facebook the other day. As in former Star travel editor Allen Holder joining the social networking site with the following mysterious post: “Allen has a new job at The Kansas City Star.”

Hold it right there…

Holder bit the dust at 18th and Grand last November along with me, Star sports scribe Jeff Flanagan, toonsmith Lee Judge and a host of others.

Following Holder’s untimely demise, the vaunted Star travel section went south before re-emerging in bite-size form at the butt end of the Sunday A&E section.

So what was Holder’s new position, freelance travel editor, I asked him?

“Yeah, well I’m not,” he responded. “I fixed that.”

Translation: another Facebook mystery – corrected but still unsolved.

Seems I wasn’t the only one who noticed Holder’s bogus post.

Star photography editor Mary Schulte spotted it and weighed in as well.

“I didn’t realized we were adding new jobs,” Schulte quipped, “just eliminating them.”

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