Glazer to Peterson: Don’t Let the Door Bang You on the Butt – Hail to New Chiefs

One of the Kansas City Chiefs biggest (non) fans, bad boy Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons Comedy Club fame, is poised to return to the fold…

With an exclamation point after the blockbuster Matt Cassel trade with New England.

“The Chiefs now are absolutely a contender to win the division and be in the playoffs this year,” Glazer practically pants. “For Chiefs fans who are wondering if this is a good deal for a second round draft choice – absolutely. With a quarterback of Matt Cassel’s calibre, now the Chiefs can get outstanding free agent players. Because of Cassel, that’s why – everybody wants to play for a winner and a team that’s setting a new course.”

The opposite was true with longtime Chiefs head honcho Carl Peterson, Glazer contends.

“Carl Peterson was losing players,” Glazer gripes. “Players didn’t like him; they didn’t feel he was honest with them. Trust me, Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters aren’t going anywhere.”

Glazer even has some kind words for the man at the top, Clark Hunt.

“You know, before all this happened I didn’t think he was very football savvy,” Glazer says of Hunt. “I thought he was more into the financials. But now he’s shown me and the Chiefs kingdom – by hiring the new King of the Castle, Matt Cassel – that he’s dead serious about winning a Super Bowl. Maybe more than his dad was at the end.”

Any parting shots for King Carl – who was annointed with that nickname, not by Star scribe Jason Whitlock, who uttered it repeatedly, but by KC Confidential hit dude Greg Hall?

“It took the Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs fans and the media a decade to find out what I knew about Carl 10 years ago,” Glazer says. “But I don’t feel sorry for Carl, he’ll be leaving Kansas City with millions. No, I think what happened speaks for itself. It’s hard to ridicule someone who’s made a fortune.”

Got that?
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