Will Farrell as George Bush: KC Confidential Preview of HBO Special

Will Ferrell as George Bush: coming soon to a television near you

Will Ferrell as George Bush: coming soon to a television near you

A trip to New York to check out a trio of Broadway shows produced by former KU student/Cowtowner Steve Traxler landed me in the fourth row of Saturday Night Live escapee Will Farrell’s “You’re Welcome America: A Final Night With George Bush.” It’s slated to air on HBO March 14.

Some outtakes…

*** Re Ferrell’s faux helicopter landing lowering onto the stage in the opening scene: “When the pilots of Air Force One said they were dying to drop me off in New York City, I thought they were kidding. So I said, ‘Sure, drop me off in the faggy theater district.’ “

*** On a certain former association of vice president Dick Cheney:” Because of Halliburton toilet paper is now $15 a sheet.”

*** President Barack Obama: “I’ll be the first to say, I’m a fan of that Tiger Woods guy. He’s a smart guy – a great speech maker.”

*** Ferrell’s tongue-in-cheek convocation: “Dear almost Swiss-looking Jesus; dear sweet-smelling of lavender and Dial soap Jesus.”

*** On the end of two-term presidency: “So after eight years, this crazy ride’s over. Hey I feel as free as balls in boxers.”

*** Upon flashing a giant close-up of what he identifies as the president’s noticeably small penis, Ferrell wished the audience a Happy Valentine’s Day, adding, “That’s my stimulus package.”

*** On his parentage: “I’m the first son of George H.W. Bush and Barbara ‘Scary Lady’ Bush.”

*** On Bush’s body language: “You know, it’s funny but people that meet me say they see a certain swagger. In Texas that’s called walking.”

*** On Bush’s Texas-via-Connecticut roots: My dad was like, ‘Why are you the only one in this family that speaks with a Texas accent? Makes no sense.’ “

*** On Bush taking hits for the post hurricane response in New Orleans: “Remember when Kanye West got on television and said I hated black people? I don’t hate black people

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