Chili’s in KCK: The Old In & Out

In the world of small but sorta scintillating surprises, the Web site for the dining establishment formerly known as Chili’s Kansas Speedway still indicates its up and running. The phone even works.

“Thank you for calling Chili’s Kansas Speedway,” an automated voice chirped this morning (2/26/09). However none of the recorded options delivers a live connection.

Which comes as a surprise given the speed and efficiency of hasty Chili’s exit strategy.

Chili’s big time bailed Monday – after serving its Last Supper in the form of a lunch, according to a
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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow get ur facts straight lol i was an employee and we all knew 3 weeks ahead of time we had a staff meeting.. and checks being handed out at the door?Lol no one got a single check that day they were all handed out a few days later at the scheduled time..

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