Oscar Madness Sweeps Star: Squitiro Stalked?

KC First Lady Gloria Squitiro creeped out by Star stalking

KC First Lady Gloria Squitiro creeped out by Star stalking

The never-ending-story at the Kansas City Star: what else? That KC Mayor Mark Funkhouser is just too dang close to First Lady Gloria Squitiro for the public’s greater good and the newspaper’s comfort.

In news story after news story, column after column, editorial after editorial the downtrodden daily seldom misses an opportunity to harangue the couple and/or wring its ink-stained hands over Funk’s determination to work with his wife.

The $64 million question: does Squitiro think The Star will ever – I repeat, ever – tire of beating the proverbial (but still not) dead horse and move on to more pressing unreported news?

“You know it’s getting kind of crazy what they’re doing,” Squitiro responds. “It’s almost like they’re stalking me – it’s kind of creepy – don’t you think?”

Naturally there’s no shortage of City Hall backstabbers past and present to saddle for the incessant attacks, hey but who needs them when you can even draw on the Academy Awards to bag on the the First Couple.

In a bizarre twist, the Star’s editorial page no less unleashed a hi-larious tongue-in-cheek array of “local Oscar” awards with – who else? – Gloria on the receiving end of the lead lashing.

Here it is:

“Best Actress: Gloria Squitiro for her role in ‘Standing Tall,’ the inspiring story of a beleaguered Midwestern mayor and the wife who is always

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