Get smart: KC Entertainment Attorney Goes Topless!!!

Was a time local entertainment attorney Richard Bryant lead a fairly low key public life.

No mas.

Not since he put the grabs on a white with black 2008 smart fortwo passion cabriolet pocket sprocket.

“It’s a great car, a lot of fun,” Bryant says. “It’s more of a run around town car. Obviously I can’t tow a boat with it, but I’ve taken it down to the Lake of the Ozarks and I can get there and back for like $6 – you can’t even do that with a motorcycle. And it’s a great, road-hugging car.”

Do chicks dig it?

“Well, uh, everybody that sees it smiles,” Bryant hedges. “I don’t think they’re laughing at it, but they’re smiling. And it actually has more legroom than my Acura.”

Bryant specializes in representing restaurants, bars, hotels and the odd gentlemen’s club.

Anything wild go down since he got smart? Aside, of course from the odd Facebook posting/sighting…

“My wife and I went to get some groceries down in the Ozarks and when we came out people were hovering all around it like it was an alien spaceship,” Bryant says. “I felt like a smart car salesman.”

Speaking of which…

Which gets more attention, Bryant when he goes topless in his new smart or the dancers at his client Bazooka’s Showgirls downtown?

“Well, it depends on whether you’re inside or outside,” Bryant quips.
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